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Don’t worry you don’t have to be a New Orleans Saint to do well in our trivia quizzes about Louisiana. However you’ll certainly need to have plenty of knowledge about this great state if you want to ensure a high score. Can you tell us after which French King Louisiana is named? What was the name of the hurricane that hit the Louisiana Gulf Coast in 2013? When did Baton Rouge become the new capital of Louisiana?

What choice was given to people who wanted to get married after a law change in 1997? Why would everyone flock to Congo Square? We’ve certainly jazzed things up for these quizzes on the Bluegrass state where music fans simply can’t get enough of the legendary performers that appear there every year. These are the ultimate tests, that you’ll find both entertaining and informative. 

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  • What hurricane struck southeastern Louisiana in late August of 2005?
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  • In the 1720s, German immigrants settled along the Mississippi in a region of Louisiana called what?
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  • By defeating opponent Bobby Jindal, who became the first woman Governor of Louisiana?
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