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Lorenzo Lamas is a household name in the film industry. He is well known for playing Lance Cumson on Falcon Crest, a soap opera that was very popular in the 1908s. He also played Reno Raines in crime drama Renegade in the 1990s, and Hector Ramirez in The Bold and The Beautiful, a daytime soap opera.

If think you know much about Lorenzo may be you can try answering some of our quizzes. Did you know that he starred in his own reality show called Leave in to Lamas? Did you know that hew born in 1958? Did you know that is the son of Norwegian-American actress Arlene Dahl and Argentine actor Fernando Lamas? Did you know that he moved to New York when he was 13, and that he was overweight by then?

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    What is the name of Lorenzo Lamas' character in "Terminal Justice"?

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    Lorenzo Lamas played Hector Ramirez in what 1987 TV series?

Lorenzo is an actor and a martial artist. His skills are best known in the movie Falcon. He also created his own reality show and served as a judge on it. Let us know how deep you know this gem! 

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    How old is Lorenzo?

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