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Liquids Questions and Answers

  • What takes the shape of the container its in?

  • What happens to a Bag containing Gas when it rips?

  • What is the temprature in which water freezes at?

  • Water pressure is greatest against the
    Liquids question from

  • A dam is thicker at the bottom than at the top partly because
    Liquids question from

  • The pressure in a liquid depends on liquid
    Liquids question from

  • What is this?              
    Liquids question from

  • What is this?          
    Liquids question from

  • What is this?             
    Liquids question from

  • Gasoline, kerosene, crude oils, and paint are common _________________.
    Liquids question from

  • Flammable liquids give off ______ which can easily ignite when they come in contact with a heat source.
    Liquids question from

  • The minimum temperature at which vapors of a liquid can ignite is called ______.
    Liquids question from

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