Linear Equation Quizzes & Trivia

Do you know how to solve a linear equation problem? There is a language to math that needs to be learned to understand it. In mathematics, a mathematical expression is a grouping of symbols that are well informed according to the...

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    Which line through the given points is steeper. Show how you got the answer. Line 1: (-2,3)(3,5) Line 2: (3,1)(6,5)

Mathematics has a wide range of topics in algebra that it covers and one of them is equivalent linear equation. Deriving and working these equations need a lot of practice. This quiz will help you practice on the subject.

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    Mary works part time at a clothing store and makes $240 in a week.  She earns 4% commision on her shirt sales and 6% commission on her jeans sales.  What would be the equation that would represent this situation?  (Let "s" represents the number of shirts she sells and "j" represents the number of jeans she sells)

Could you pass the linear equation test? Did you know that an equation is a statement in which the values of two different mathematical equations are identical? Are you able to identify and explain complicated math equations, or...

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    Which is the slope - intercept form of a line?

Are you any good with mathematical word problems? Give this quiz a try. A word problem in mathematics education is generally used to refer to any mathematical exercise in which an example consisting of words and numbers is given....

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    If Betsy has n quarters.  What expression could be used to find the total value of her coins in dollars?   

Interpreting the solution of a linear equation is a topic in algebra therefore if you are a student in need of practice then this quiz is for you. If you are prepared to test your knowledge try it out.

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  • Sample Question
    Solve 4x + 2 =18

Linear Equation Questions & Answers

What is the solution set for the two lines in the graph?
(-2, 1) The solution set for the two lines in the graph is (-2 and 1) where x is -2 and y are =1. The problem above is an example of linear equations. The solution to the system of linear equation is where the two lines intersect. From the graph abo