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License Questions and Answers

  • If the person is under 18, when does his provisional license expire?
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  • When parked parallel, your curb side wheels must be no more than how many inches from the curb?
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  • When following another car, what is a good rule to determine the distance at which you should follow behind?
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  • North Carolina first required vehicle registration in 1909 but did not issue license plates until 1913. Before the state-made ones were available, folks often fashioned tags from what material?
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  • Over the years, many N.C. cities and counties have issued license plates. In the 1920s, a porcelain plate offered to taxis and buses had what message on it?
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  • In North Carolina, owners of vintage vehicles of a certain age are allowed to use a year-of-manufacture license plate. How many years old does the vehicle have to be in order to do this?
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  • Which columns are mandatory in the CSV template?
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  • You can only upload License History against a Custom Contract?
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  • Where is the License Import tool located in the Portal?
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