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Who is the fighter currently dubbed the undisputed champion of the world? The heavyweight/super-heavyweight champ out of London that has taken down every opponent he’s come up against, including Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield? His name is Lennox Lewis, and he is one scary dude.

How could he not be with a nickname like “The Lion?” A man that world champion Riddick Bowe was anxious to face? The same man who may have caused Oliver McCall to burst into tears when fighting a second match with him? His few defeats were taken care of in a later match. Mike Tyson tried and failed to take him again, and was later charged for resorting to biting Lewis’s leg in a less professional fight. If you are brave enough, take these quizzes on the unstoppable Lennox Lewis and see what you know. Just, whatever you do…don’t challenge him, even as a retiree?

How well do you know about Lennox Lewis?

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    What country did Lennox Lewis represent in the 1984 Olympic Games?

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