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What is the difference between Edge-Lit and Backlit?
The main benefit of having an edge-lit display is reduced thickness. The diffuser is very thin compared to having the actual light sources behind the display. Most of the very thin shows are edge-lit rather than backlit and transfer most of the elect
Why do people buy LED over LCD?
A lot of people buy LED over LCD thinking that LED television will be better because it is more eco-friendly. It can be better for the environment because of the type of lights that are used but it does not necessarily mean that it is going to be goo
What is a Vu TV?
VU TV is known to be a luxury television brand. This has originated in Mumbai, India in the year 2006. People have started to consider this one of their must-haves. If you would ask the Indians which television brand they trust, you know that this is
Should I buy Vu TV or not?
It will depend on you if you would like to buy a VU TV or not. Remember that before purchasing a big ticket item, you should think long and hard before you decide to push through with it. Ideally, you have already checked the different products avail