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Are you a true fan of Lebron James? If so, you’ll be able to answer questions such as what is the least number of points that he ever scored in a game? How many NBA championships has he won? What team did he play for in the year 2003? There is a lot more to know and learn about this renowned basketball player - will you take our Lebron James quizzes and see how stack up?

Standing at 6 feet 8 inches, Lebron James towers over the competition! He has won four NBA Most Valuable Player awards, two Olympic gold medals and the NBA Rookie of the Year Award. He is also the Cavaliers’ all-time leading scorer! Lebron James has accomplished many great things in his career. Slam dunk into our quizzes and see if you get first round pick for Lebron James’ biggest fan!
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Le Bron James turns 34 this week. With every passing year, one of the finest basketball players in the world gets older. We all love his playing style and offensive prowess. But are you a true LeBron James fan? Take This Quiz and...

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    For which NBA team did LeBron James play his rookie season?

Do you know anything about Lebron. If you do then try this quiz.

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    Where was LeBron born?

So you think you know Lebron James! Here is a chance for you and your friends to put your knowledge to the test. Here is a free application to test what you think you may know.

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    How many years has Lebron James been in the NBA?

About Lebron James. Nba Star

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    Where was LeBron born?

Le ' Bron James is Life!

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     Which one is better?

Lebron James Questions & Answers

How many rings does Lebron James have?
Lebron James has three rings as of 2017. For those who are not fans of basketball, rings typically mean championship. So, when an NBA team wins a championship, all of the players and coaches of the winning team will get a ring with the details engrav
How many years have Lebron James been in the nba?
The answer is 13, because this is 2017 and he's still playing. This thing is outdated.
Where was LeBron born?
LeBron is born in Akron, Ohio which means that letter D is the right answer to this question. He is known to be a professional basketball player and he is so popular that he manages to make his fans love him no matter what team he is playing for. The
What team drafted Lebron James?
The Cavaliers had the first pick in the draft, being one of the worst 2003 teams, and winning the draft lottery.