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Who doesn't know about the LCD display nowadays? It is known as the technology used for displays on gadgets such as notebooks. It technically allows displays to be thinner than the formally used cathode ray tube. But how much...

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    What's an example of an application that uses LCD?


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What is the difference between LCD and PDP?
LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display while PDP stands for Plasma Display Panel. This is a type of paneled screen that will be more appropriate for screens that are considered to be larger than usual. The composition of plasma TV is known to be a bit
What are the best LCD tvs to buy?
There are various LCD TVs that are available. There are different brands and there are different models that you have to be familiar with. The more that you know about these different models, the better it would be. You can expect that you will alway
What is the difference between LCD and HDTV?
LCD stands for liquid crystal display, while HDTV stands for high definition television. LCD’s developed separately from HDTV and accomplished mainstream acceptance long before HDTV technology did. LCD’s obtained a reputation for its hand
What are the common problems with LCD?
More and more people have changed from their usual television to LCD or even LED television screens. LCD TVs may still encounter some problems such as the following: There are times when people experience ghosting. This is the process wherein the obj
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