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Do all these stripes make the globe look fat? Latitude measure in units called degrees the distance a place is located above or below the earth’s Equator – along with longitude, it makes up the precise data point that tells your GPS exactly how far it is from your house to the grocery store – or to the South Pole!

Some latitudes are, of course, more famous than others (the Arctic Circle, home of Santa Claus and polar bears; not to mention the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn that define the planet’s prime sun-bathing and beach-going territory). Think you know a lot about latitude? Stash the attitude and take our quiz – prove you know your 45ºS from your 37ºN and your Mercator projection from your meridian distance!
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Circles parallels to the Equator are of the same latitude where as Longitudes are lines going from South Pole to North Pole. The latitudes measure how far a point is north or south of the equator and the longitude measures...

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Latitude Questions & Answers

How can you use the altitude of a polaris to find the latitude?
Polaris is a star in the sky. It is considered to be the brightest star in the sky. Sometimes, people refer to this star as North Star, Pole Star and Alpha Ursae Minoris. It is in the constellation of Ursa Minor. Many stars are located in the same co
What are lines of latitude called?
The lines of latitude are called parallels or also commonly referred to as the parallels of latitude. It is formed by the circles found on the globe which is parallel to the Earth’s equator and are equally spaced within the 90 degrees from Nort
How many rulers are there in a dictatorship?
There is only one ruler in a dictatorship because it is a form of government wherein a country is ruled by one person who exercises different instruments to ensure that his or her powers remain strong. Here are some of the countries under a dictators