Lady And The Tramp Quizzes & Trivia

Lady and the tramp is a popular Disney cartoon which was actually created in 1955. It has been nominated for many film awards time and time again. Produced by Walt Disney this film features and animated cocker spaniel who is pampered in her comfortable life but slips away after realizing her owners now have a baby and have no more time for her. While she leaves her home she's lost on the street and is the friended by a tough mutt who protects her from the other stray dogs.

Soon romance starts to blossom between these two but as drama in the cocker spaniels household continues to grow it keeps them apart. If you know everything about this endearing Disney film takes one of our quizzes and put your knowledge to the test.

Do you know enough about Lady and the Tramp (1955)? Take this quiz and find out

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  • Sample Question
    Which of these was not the name of a dog in "Lady and the Tramp"?