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  • Ikan sungai yang paling mahal ialah_____________
    Kuiz question from

  • Sungai terpanjang di Semenanjung Malaysia ialah ___________
    Kuiz question from

  • Ibu negeri Pahang __________
    Kuiz question from

  • Kush e Ka vra Hamza b.Abdul Mutalibin r.a?
    Kuiz question from

  • Me vullnetin e All-llahut cilit pejgamber i jane nenshtruar xhinet?
    Kuiz question from

  • Cili pejgamber ka lindur pa babe?
    Kuiz question from

  • apakah jenis haiwan yang boleh berbunyi perkataan  "mei"  dalam Bahasa Inggeris
    Kuiz question from

  • rrenja katrore 81
    Kuiz question from

  • sa eshte temperatura e shpendeve
    Kuiz question from

  • kush e zbuloi qelizen ?
    Kuiz question from

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