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Believe it or not, most historians agree that knitting originated with male Arabian sailors and was basically a male only craft until fairly recently. Among non-westerners, knitting has remained prominent among men and is considered as a unisex hobby. How’s that for a history lesson? There’s more to knitting than you think. Are you willing to open up your mind and find out what else you may or may not know about the subject?

How are knitting needle sizes represented? What type of material is not commonly used for knitting needles? What does “tension while working” refer to when knitting? Do you know what the two basic stitches in knitting are that all other stitch patterns are based on? Under which English monarch did the knitting of stocking become a major occupation of the poor? Brush up on your knitting skills and history by taking these quizzes.

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Knitting Questions and Answers

  • Pick one adjective that best describes you:

  • What best describes your knitting style?

  • Which of these best describes what your pajamas are like?

  • The interlooping of sets of yarns forms what type of fabric?

  • Formation of a fabric directly from fibres is known as

  • The green yarns on this fabric are refered to as __________________ yarns.

  • Knit fabrics are generally bulkier at the same gsm weight as woven fabrics.
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  • Knit fabrics are generally warmer per gsm than woven fabric becomes they have more heat trapping bulk ?
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  • Woven breeches  need more lycra to create the same stretch as knit breeches
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