King Of The Hill Quizzes & Trivia

King of the Hill is a television show about a funny, southern family that lives in Texas, with a mom and dad, and a son named Bobby. Hank, the father, is a proud propane salesman and the mother, Peggy, is an even prouder substitute teacher. Bobby just goes to school and hangs out with his Indian friend Joseph, and his Asian girlfriend, Con Jr. King of the Hill has some fun and comedic quizzes made just for you, and anyone else you know who loves this show!
These funny quizzes are still informational, and you can see how much you really know about Hank and his love for propane, or Bobby and his impressions. You can also take quizzes that teach you the history of the show, or quizzes that will allow you to find out which character your personality matches the most! Laugh all night long with these King of the Hill quizzes!

What type of King of the Hill character are you? Take the quiz and find out!

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    If you were to pick a hero, it would most likely be...