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Khushwant Singh was a man of wit and humor who started his working career as a lawyer after sitting for the Bar at the Inner Temple. Born in Hadali, Khushab District, Punjab, Singh would work his way up to the position of Press Attache and Public Officer for the Indian High Commission, working in London and Ottawa. After that he joined All India Radio as a journalist. This would lead to the printed press where Singh was an editor for “Yojana” and “The Illustrated Weekly of India” among other newspapers. Under Singh's leadership, “The Illustrated Weekly of India” became the main newspaper in India.

Singh was the recipient of the Padma Bhushan for his service to the country in 1974 but do you know what happened to the award in 1984? Do you know the significance of the apartment complex he would stay at while in New Delhi? Can you explain his outspoken political beliefs when it came to the state of Israel? Singh was a writer, lawyer, politician, and journalist, but do you know all the parts of his life so you can answer our quizzes?
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    In 1984, Khushwant Singh returned the honour Padma Bhushan to the Indian government. What was the reason?


Khushwant Singh Questions & Answers

What type of person was Khushwant Singh?
Khushwant Singh was obviously an intelligent, creative, and hardworking person with a good sense of humor. After graduating from college he attended law school in London. He practiced law for a while in Lahore (became part of Pakistan during the part
What inspired Khushwant Singh to write Train to Pakistan?
Khushwant Singh was inspired to write “Train to Pakistan” because he was witness to the horrible devastation that was happening at the time of the partition. The partition happened in 1947 and was a result of the British deciding to give
What things can we learn from Khushwant Singh?
Some things we can learn from Khushwant Singh are actually spelled out in one of the books he wrote. Singh’s book, Khushwantnama: The Lessons of My Life. I have not read this book but I have read that it covers such subjects as: “old age
How did Khushwant Singh die?
Khushwant-Singh-died peacefully of a natural cause, specifically cardiac arrest. He was either 98 or 99 years old; I’ve seen reports of both ages. He died at his apartment in Delhi, India. Singh was survived by his daughter and a son. He was In
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