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Kenneth Burke was a famous literary theorist whose work impacted the 20th century significantly. He is best known for his ability to analyze the nature of knowledge. He viewed literature as a symbolic action. He not only focused on literary texts but also on text which interacted with the audience such as biographies or those with a political background.

He is perhaps one of the most well-known theorists to challenge American-born literary critics. Today his work continues to be influential and is often discussed by philosophers. He was born in Pennsylvania in 1897. Do you know when he passed away? The answer is 1993 in New Jersey. If you think you know everything about this famous individual then put your skills to the test by completing one of our many quizzes.

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Kenneth Burke Questions and Answers

  • How old was Kenneth Burke when he died?
    Kenneth burke question from

  • When was Kenneth Burke born?
    Kenneth burke question from

  • Which of these was his alma matter?
    Kenneth burke question from

  • Which is my favourite group now?
    Kenneth burke question from

  • Thats easy right? Now, which is my secret fantasy?
    Kenneth burke question from

  • OK, something more personal..What cant I live without?
    Kenneth burke question from

  • How does Kenneth Burke define rhetoric?
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  • What is the focus of Kenneth Burke's A Grammar of Motives?
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  • What is the idea behind Kenneth Burke's terministic screens?
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