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Katie Holmes is a model and actress who was born December 18th, 1978. She has been an active actress/model since 1997. Which TV show was she first in that she became recognized during 1998-2003? Who was her role in that show? She appeared in “Disturbing Behavior” during 1998, and won a MTV Movie Award for the Best Breakthrough Performance.
Her marriage with Tom Cruise during 2006-2012 led to a lot of media attention. In fact, they were even given a nickname – do you know what it was? In January of 1997, what did Katie Holmes go to Los Angeles for? Check out our quizzes and see how well you know Katie Holmes.

See what you see from the images and work out LKatie Holmes

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    Which best describes Katie Holmes?

This quiz will test your knowledge about Katie Holmes. 

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    While filming "Dawson's Creek", Katie Holmes dated which co-star?

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