Kathy Bates Quizzes & Trivia

She has been the queen of hearts; she is a director, producer and actress. She's battled cancer twice, and survived! It's time to test your knowledge on this noble lady. Let us give you a few facts to start you off on your road to victory!
She starred in the film "Bruno" as which character and was Molly Brown in which blockbuster film? Switching to more recent events, which modern horror television show has she started starring in? Think you're a whiz at answering quizzes? Then wait till you get to the bonus questions about her personal life, marriage, cancer and divorce, we dare you to try.

Some had to learn while other were born with the knack for acting. Kathy is such an amazing figure in the American film industries. To start with, she's a cast in series of films and you definitely must have heard...

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  • Sample Question
    Till how long was Bates married to Tony Campisi if you start from 1991?