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Kathleen Turner is one of the greatest movie actresses of the late twentieth century, and she's still making a name for herself as an award winning theatre actress on both sides of the Atlantic. When she shot to fame with Body Heat, she became one of the hottest stars on screen, but she's proved that there's much more to her than just good looks. Have you watched Romancing The Stone a dozen times?
Prove how much of a fan you are with our Kathleen Turner quizzes. Kathleen was born in the USA, but in which country did she go to school? Which title character got married in one of her most successful films? What disease has she battled with since the 1990s? Which stage play earned her a Tony award nomination? Let's find out.

Amy Frederica Brenneman rose to fame after her acclaimed appearance in the police series, NYPD Blue, in the mid 90's. However, it is her portrayal of Doctor Violet Turner in "Private Practise" which made her stand...

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    What is her profession at the Oceanside Wellness Group?

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