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The golden age of Holywood produced many legends, from Bogart to Bacall, and Garbo to Gable. The most decorated star of them all was Katharine Hepburn. Her record of four Oscar victories still stands to this day. Katharine could appear in anything, from comedies to tragedies to everything in between, and cinema goers would queue around the block for her latest release. Katharine's movies are just as magical to watch today, so if you can Guess Who's Coming To Dinner, can you guess the answers in our Katharine Hepburn quizzes?

Do you know how many films Katharine made in her long career? Who was her co-star in The African Queen? Who or what, was the baby in Bringing Up Baby? We've got a lot of questions, but can you supply the answers?

Do you know Katharine Hepburn? Take this quiz to find out...

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  • Sample Question
    Where was Katherine Hepburn ranked on AFI's "50 Greatest Movie Legends" in 1999?

The best ever quiz on the world renowned actoress Katherine  Hepburn!

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  • Sample Question
    Katharine Hepburn received a BA from which college in 1928?

Katherine Hepburn was a famous actress who played Jo in a old LIttle Women movie. If you have never even heard of Katherine Hepburn, I suggest not taking this quiz, unless you don't care if you get a really low score.

Questions: 8  |  Attempts: 6   |  Last updated: Feb 16, 2017
  • Sample Question
    What day was Katherine born?

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