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Are you a big fan of Bollywood films? If so, then you are probably a fan of Karisma Kapoor. This Bollywood actress, based out of India is perhaps better known as Lolo. She is part of the Kapoor family and she made her acting debut back in 1991 at the age of seventeen. Her family consists of all prominent actors and she has achieved great success out of her films.

Are you able to name some of her most successful films? If you guessed Anari or Jigar, you are spot on. This star has achieved many awards and accolades during the course of her career and for good reason. If you are a big Bollywood fan and you know all about her and her family, put your skills to the test by completing one of our many quizzes. 

Today is Karisma Kapoor's birthday! So you think you know all about the 'Raja Hindustani' actress? Take our quiz on the Bollywood beauty and test your knowledge. Lucky winners stand a chance to win cool goody bags...

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  • Sample Question
    In which year did Karisma's debut film 'Prem Qaidi' release?

Karisma Kapoor Questions and Answers

  • In which year did Karisma's debut film 'Prem Qaidi' release?
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  • Karisma and her mom Babita appeared in two different films of the same title. Name the film.
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  • In how many films did she star opposite Govinda?
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