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Have you ever wondered what teen pregnancy looks like from the perspective of someone giving their child up for adoption? Juno covers this and more as it follows the nine-month span of Juno, a girl who gets pregnant after losing her virginity. The story follows her attempt to abort the child, only to be persuaded to keep it and give it away to a family in need.

She seeks out suitable families and soon finds what appears to be the perfect family. Bonding with the upper-middle-class suburban family who are barren, she starts to cultivate an odd relationship with the husband, which she views as innocent. But things soon reveal that he does not view it the same, and their adoption agreement becomes tangled. Test what you know by taking one of our multiple quizzes.

A fun and interesting quiz on Juno (2007)

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    What high school sport does Paulie Bleeker from the movie "Juno" participate in?