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Quiz to test knowledge of APA style and citation formats. Based on the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association, Sixth Edition.

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    The Reference section should start on a separate page under the centered heading References (not in bold font). The entries should be alphabetized by first authors' surnames (or by title if works do not list an author) regardless of the type of source (e.g., book, film, journal article, website).

Lesson 1

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    To reset your workspace, choose...

This is a quiz designed to test the knowledge gained following a short training video.

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    What are some of the areas in which those with autism have deficit skills?

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What organization would you list as the corporate/organization author for this website?
Administration for children and families-citing websites often requires that you supplement apa rules with some detective work. the principle underlying apa citation formats is give the reader the information needed to retrieve the source. along with
What is the problem(s) in the sentence below? The social information processing (SIP) theory holds that a child's behavior is the result of six overlapping cognitive steps that occur in the...
The list of steps lacks parallel structure.-items in a list must have parallel structure. usually the easiest way to achieve parallel structure is to use the same verb form to begin each item in the list. using the sip example from this question, the
What is the APA issue(s) in the following passage? An innovative approach to breaking the generational cycle of poverty involves creating Individual Development Accounts (IDAs). Individual...
The abbreviation for idas should be used to start the second sentence. -2. the colon in the second sentence is misused and unnecessary.-3. the in-line series should use lowercase letters such as (a), (b), (c) rather than numbers.-no flip-flopping wit
Which of the following shows the correct format for citing your interview? On May 1, 2011, you interviewed Dr. Betsy Bledsoe for your paper on evidence-based practice. You decide to...
Currently, wider use of evidence-based practice in community agencies is challenged by a lack of resources and support to help staff understand the research implications and apply the findings to work with their specific population (s. e. bledsoe, pe