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Juan Rulfo is a Mexican writer and photographer whose reputation rests upon two specific books - What are the names of these famous works? Did you guess “Pedro Paramo” and “El Llano en llamas”? If so, you are right! But what else do you know about this prestigious writer? Take one of our Juan Rulfo quizzes and find out!

Often considered to be one of Latin America’s most esteemed authors, Juan Rulfo once studied law after leaving the National Military Academy in Mexico City. What was the name of the literary journal that he co-founded in 1944? Where was he born? What job did his uncle get him before pursuing a writing career? You will learn the answers to all of the questions and more by gathering up the courage to take our Juan Rulfo quizzes!

The quiz is about the life of Juan Rulfo, the struggles he encountered during his life time, and the literature that he published. It also asks questions about the themes of his works and how they reflect his personlity and...

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    In what year was Juan Rulfo born?

Juan Rulfo Questions and Answers

  • In what year was Juan Rulfo born?
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  • Name the two famous works that have been written by Rulfo
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  • What are the two basic themes in all of Rulfos works?
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