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Journey From The Fall is an independent film, which released in 2006 by Ham Tran who is the writer, director and editor of the film. The story is aboutwhat kind of camp? It's also about the people who experienced the Saigon Aall on April 30th, 1975. The specialty of the film is the finance that was provided by the Vietnamese community in America.
The movie was rewarded by different awards and appreciation including, Best Independent Film, Special Project Award, a Grand Jury Award, and which other award? The movie was appreciated for its independency to the greater extent. To find out how much you know about the movie ‘Journey From The Fall’, take our quizzes to find out.
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Calling all Journey from the Fall (2006) fans for the ultimate quiz challenge.

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    The 2007 movie "Journey From the Fall" is about the fall of what?