Josh Radnor Quizzes & Trivia

Josh Radner is a famous actor. This particular actor is well known as not just an actor but as a screen writer, producer, and director. He is most well-known for the sitcom How I Met Your Mother but his writing and his directing received a Sundance film Festival award in 2010. He was born in Columbus Ohio.

Do you know how his career started? The answer is being cast as the lead in a series on the WB. This man has a great background in film and actually received degrees from the Tisch School of Arts. If you think you know everything about this wonderful actor and all the work that he is done not only on main screen television but on film festivals then put your knowledge to the test by completing whatever many quizzes.

This year, Josh Radnor is a special guest at the Virginia Film Festival. Take this quiz to be entered for a chance to win two free tickets to see him and his movie happy thank you more please, which is playing on Sunday, November...

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  • Sample Question
    In what play did Josh Radnor make his Broadway debut in 2002 starring opposite Kathleen Turner and Alicia Silverstone? 

Josh Randor is one of America's finest and talented actors making a major breakthrough in the comedy series 'How I Met Your Mother'. His directing career is also something to talk about. How well do you know him?

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    What is Josh Randor's Nationality?