Josh Hartnett Quizzes & Trivia

There's a new generation of leading men in Hollywood, and at the head of them all is Josh Hartnett. He's developed from a teen heart throb, to one of the most popular action movie heroes in movies today, winning acclaim in films such as Black Hawk Down and Pearl Harbor. His fans scream in delight every time he makes a public appearance. If you're one of them, then be ready to raise the roof as you try our Josh Hartnett quizzes.

They're not easy, unless you're a true fan of course. Do you know which city Josh was born in? Which scream queen played his mother in the horror film that marked his movie debut? For which 2006 film did he win a Best Actor award at the Venice film festival? Are you ready? It's time to begin.

Have some fun with this super trivia quiz on Josh Hartnett

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    Although born in California, Josh Hartnett was raised in what state?

It's time to answer some cool questions about Josh Hartnett

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    In which 2001 movie did Josh Hartnett play the character Danny Walker?

Hartnett's life is an inspirational as he is both an  actor and a movie producer. He has stared in the Brain De Palmer as directed by Neo-noir, Resurrecting the camp (2007), the horror film 30 days of Night (2007) and I came...

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    What is his middle name?