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Josh Duhamel’s first role was on ABC’s show “All My Children” and he played Leo du Pres. He attended Minot State University where he played quarterback for the football team. What did he plan to do when he was attending the University, but instead he dropped out right before receiving his undergraduate degree?
Which degree did he actually state he did graduate with? Who is he married to? Does he have any children? He became a co-owner of what? You may think you know a lot about Josh Duhamel, but how much do you really know? Take these quizzes and find out.

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    Which show stars James Caan and Josh Duhamel?

That roughish look has got to count for something. If it doesn't, at least the man stuns in movies. Do you perhaps know him? If you don't, you can still try your luck.

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    Where was he born?

You dont need to be told!! Josh is an actor and a  former fashion model who has featured in intriguing and thought provoking film series. Transformers and other nice films like Life as we have it, New Years Eve,Safe Have. Time...

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    What is his middle name?

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