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We all know what a jewel is: it's a gemstone that looks beautiful and decorative and is worth a lot of money. That's a physical jewel, but how would you describe jewel when it's used to refer to a personality type? Sparkling, charming, vivacious, these are all attributes that you can associate with a jewel of a person. If you like to think that you have a 24 carat diamond personality yourself, then I'm sure you'll love our jewel quizzes.

The singer Jewel hails from which city? The Jewel In The Crown is a series of books, and a hit television series, based in which country? Princess Charlotte of Cambridge is a real jewel of a baby, but can you name her parents? You're putting in a gem of a performance so far.
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Well it's about colours.

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    What do you think is your best feature?

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    You're mum and Dad give you 100 pounds on your birthday you...

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    Are you mental or physical?

Take the test and find out!

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