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Jennifer Adams is an Australian television presenter who is from Victoria. Do you know when she was born? The answer is 1976. If you got that right, then you might just might know what year she was appointed as the weekend presenter for a new station located in Melbourne. Do you? The answer is 2000. Only a true fan would really know all about her beginnings, and if you are a true fan then you might know a bit about her success.
If you know all about the updates such as the local news channels she has presented in and which stars she has replaced on the different broadcasts throughout the course of her career, then take one of our many quizzes on the celebrity and others to see just how much you actually know.

This quiz will ask you 10 basic questions concerning Jennifer Adams Home.  This quiz must be answered with 100% accuracy before you are eligible to work a CORA USA event.  Each question is taken directly from the...

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    What is Microfiber?

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  • What is Microfiber?
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  • What size bed will a Jennifer Adams Home Queen blanket fit?
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  • What is a duvet cover?
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