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Do the mashed potato with us as we take a trip back to the Apollo Theater. Do you remember when James Brown made his performing debut there? Can you name the 1980 movie in which he made a cameo appearance? Where was James Brown born? What was his most successful album? See how you compare to Soul Brother Number One in these quizzes about the great performer.

This is a question quiz about James Brown. it is multiple choice.

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    What product did Eddie Murphy push with his James Brown character on "SNL"?

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    Select the correct answer: the suggested technique is 64 kVp for 14 cm and the part measures 20 cm.  What is the new technique to maintain density by utilizing the variable kVp theory?

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    Insufficient penetration of kVp in teh area of interest will limit diagnosis, especially in which type of study?

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    The 1st steps in reducing film waste is