Jake Gyllenhaal Quizzes & Trivia

Few American actors have made the waves quite like the young Jake Gyllenhaal. Launching into stardom in 1999 with his lead role in October Sky, Jake Gyllenhaal has divided his time between major Hollywood blockbusters like Nightcrawler, and indie films like Donnie Darko.
Did you know that Jake comes from a long line of Hollywood moguls? His sister, Maggie Gyllenhaal is an actress, and his father is a director. In 2005, Jake starred in Broke Back Mountain, a monumental film. Do you know the name of Jake’s co-star in Broke Back Mountain? Jake Gyllenhaal will continue on as one of America’s most prolific actors. If you’re a true fan, prove it by mastering one of our Jake Gyllenhaal quizzes!

Finally, Jake Gyllenhaal is being introduced to the MCU as Mysterio and fans are super excited. He has given numerous great performances as an actor in many blockbusters. Now he is going to play a villain or maybe a...

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    What film directed by Roland Emmerich starred Dennis Quaid and Jake Gyllenhaal?

This guy can nail anything, any role, from a weird schoolboy Donnie Darko to criminally minded photographer Loise Bloom, from a bisexual shepherd to an angry boxer, he has rocked every character.  Do you love the doe-eyed...

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    Where was Jake Gyllenhaal born?

Jake Gyllenhaal is Donnie Darko, Jack Twist, Lou Bloom, Dastan, etc. And how can we forget that he is the latest Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home. Name any of his movies; he has done more than extraordinary. This guy is damn...

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    Where was he born?