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    On February 13, 2015 how many members of Isis were killed by an American drone strike?

ISIS Questions & Answers

Why do people call "ISIS" by different names like Daesh, ISIL?
The abbreviations that stand for the terrorist group is based on location. ISIS stands for Islamic State of Syria. Syria is known for having many terrorists in it. Another terrorist group is called the Daesh. They are different in that they follow th
Who is the biggest enemy of ISIS?
ISIS is a radical and extremist group that wants to take over countries in the Middle East like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and other countries. To do this, they had to fight the army and the government of these countries. Violence usually ensues agains
Why does ISIS call itself a caliphate (and what does it mean)?
The term caliphate is commonly associated with Islam and is the title of the leader in the Islam religion. The caliphate is actually the one who leads after the founder of Islam, Muhammad. ISIS says that they fight and if they die then they will be r
What does ISIS want?
It seems that the western world knows why ISIS is fighting, but to be specific, it is not really known. Many groups fight Middle Easterners because of oil, but that is not what ISIS wants. ISIS wants to be the caliphate or leader of the Islamic world