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  • Why do people call "ISIS" by different names like Daesh, ISIL?
    Why do people call "ISIS" by different names like Daesh, ISIL?
    The abbreviations that stand for the terrorist group is based on location. ISIS stands for Islamic State of Syria. Syria is known for having many terrorists in it. Another terrorist group is called the Daesh. They are different in that they follow the Sunni Islam. ISIL stands for Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. The Levant is a location referring to the eastern area located along the Mediterranean Sea. All of these no matter what they are called are terrorist groups. They go to countries and hurt and kill people. They do this because of their hate for many people. Many countries are trying to fight terrorist groups by bombing the area where they live in Syria, Iraq and other areas in the Middle East.

  • Who is the biggest enemy of ISIS?
    Who is the biggest enemy of ISIS?
    ISIS is a radical and extremist group that wants to take over countries in the Middle East like Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria and other countries. To do this, they had to fight the army and the government of these countries. Violence usually ensues against the citizens of these countries. Innocent lives are taken away because ISIS doesn’t care who they kill or harm. Therefore, the biggest enemy of ISIS is the government and citizens of these countries. They are the most at risk of being killed. Since they are living in the places where ISIS is, they are fighting the most for their lives and the lives of their families. Other countries that are helping to fight the war of terrorism are also enemies of ISIS.

  • Why does ISIS call itself a caliphate (and what does it mean)?
    Why does ISIS call itself a caliphate (and what does it mean)?
    The term caliphate is commonly associated with Islam and is the title of the leader in the Islam religion. The caliphate is actually the one who leads after the founder of Islam, Muhammad. ISIS says that they fight and if they die then they will be rewarded after they die. The first caliphate occurred in 632 in Arabia near the peninsula. The first leader known as the caliphate was Abu Bakr as-Siddiq. This took place after the Prophet died. Since ISIS has become associated with using the word Caliphate to describe their leadership, this associates them with the Muslim religion. This enables them to be associated with Islam and that they lead Islam due to being a caliphate. The caliph is a very important title.

  • What does ISIS want?
    What does ISIS want?
    It seems that the western world knows why ISIS is fighting, but to be specific, it is not really known. Many groups fight Middle Easterners because of oil, but that is not what ISIS wants. ISIS wants to be the caliphate or leader of the Islamic world. As a matter of fact, they claim to have the caliphate or successor of the Prophet. They want the rest of the world to admit that. The caliphate would be the ultimate leader of all the Muslims in the world. However, not all countries will admit that. So, ISIS began in 1999 fighting those areas close to them first. These countries were Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Then it spread to countries who were supporting the governments of these countries they were fighting against.

  • Why did ISIS declare the city of Raqqa in Syria as its capital?
    Why did ISIS declare the city of Raqqa in Syria as its capital?
    Raqqa is the capital of ISIS. It is located in Syria along the Euphrates River. During the time in 2013 when the Syrian government, Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant and the Islamic State of Syria were fighting each other in order to either defend or capture this city. Due to its location on the Euphrates River, this would be a desirable city because of transportation reasons being that close to the river. However, in June of 2017, the United States and other forces that are fighting terrorism, they fought to take Raqqa away from ISIS. After much fighting, the Syrian Democratic Forces were able to gain back the city. This battle was known as the Battle of Raqqa.

  • What is the relationship between ISIS and Islam?
    What is the relationship between ISIS and Islam?
    ISIS stands for the Islamic State of Syria. This is a militia group that has now become an insurgency. They have been in effect since 1999. They have been committing terrorist acts for almost two decades. ISIS is associated with Islam. Islam is a religion that was founded by the Prophet Muhammad. The people who practice Islam are known as Muslims. ISIS believes that their acts of violence are done because of their religion. However, there are many Muslims who do not believe that ISIS is doing their acts of violence in accordance with Islam. The members of ISIS are considered to be extremists when comparing them to their religion. Since ISIS is stating that they are doing this for Islam, people around the world are concerned with all Muslims but they shouldn’t be.

  • Why do people join ISIS?
    Why do people join ISIS?
    It is hard to determine how many people are fighting for ISIS or other terrorist groups fighting in this area. There have been several estimates that have been reported, but these are only guesses since a census has never been done. Due to the casualties with the bombings and attacks going on, the numbers may change drastically. Also, recruitments occur with the leaders of ISIS targeting people online with promises of a better afterlife. Recently, it is believed that ISIS has lost many members due to casualties of war. However, people want to fight for ISIS because they are lonely and are promised a better life where they will belong to a powerful group. Then they join and realize that it isn’t what they thought it would be.

  • What do Muslims all over the world think of ISIS?
    What do Muslims all over the world think of ISIS?
    Only the radical Muslims or extremists who participate or support ISIS think that ISIS is doing their violent acts in accordance with their religion. However, there is another group of Muslims that make up the true meaning of Islam. They are against ISIS but they are still Muslims. Unfortunately, people around the world do not view the separation of these Muslims, but instead think that all Muslims are terrorists which are not true. Actually, a small part of the group are actually a part of ISIS because the rest are true followers of Islam. In all religions, there are bad people who misinterpret or they interpret their holy book the way that they want to. These people only claim to be a part of a religion, but they really are not.

  • Why are the UN forces not fighting ISIS?
    Why are the UN forces not fighting ISIS?
    The UN or United Nations are a group of nations that come together for one purpose. That is to maintain order and peace among the countries of the world. It was established after World War II and they are known for trying to keep the peace or make peace. With almost 200 countries participating, the United Nations is well represented. Its headquarters is located in the United States. However, there are several other offices around the world. If the United Nations started fighting ISIS, then it would defeat the purpose that they stand for. Instead, they are trying to stop the terrorist groups, but they are trying to do this peacefully. It is up to the individual countries to use force, but not the United Nations.

  • What is the name of the Isis leader?
    What is the name of the Isis leader?
    Abu Bakr al-BaghdadiAbu Bak al-Baghdadi is the current leader of Isis. He has a reward of 10 million usd to whoever has information that can help with his death and or capture.

  • What gave rise to ISIS in your opinion?
    What gave rise to ISIS in your opinion?
    ISIS began in 1999 in the Middle East with Al-Zarqawi who created it. Over time, he showed allegiance to Osama bin Laden with the Taliban. With other groups forming and coming together with ISIS, ISIS has strengthened and has become more powerful. Another way that ISIS has become stronger and risen to power is through gaining more land by attacking the cities in the countries that they want to take over. Also, ISIS recruits as many people as possible by promising them a sense of belonging. They will target lonely people who want to belong to a group and charm them into becoming a part of ISIS. Usually, these people are young and impressionable so they are easily swayed to join.

  • Is ISIS more dangerous than Taliban?
    Is ISIS more dangerous than Taliban?
    The Taliban is a group of terrorists who began committing acts of violence in other countries as far back as 1994. At this time is was simply a militia and then grew to become the insurgency it is today. Mostly the Taliban covered Afghanistan and cause the civil war in that area. ISIS is the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria. Both of these groups are very dangerous. Even though the Taliban is still considered to be present and active today, it is not heard about much anymore. Instead, ISIS is the group that has gained power more recently in the past few years. However, due to the strength of many powerful countries, they have been able to fight ISIS so that they are diminishing in numbers.

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