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Quiz about the Internet and online communications. Suitable for older children and adult learners.

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    What sort of software would you use to look at web pages on the Internet?


Internet And Online Communication Questions & Answers

What kind of softwares can be used to view web pages?
The correct answer to this question is B, web browser. There are several web browsers that users can choose from. Each web page that is visited on a browser has a specific URL, which stands for Uniform Resource Locator. The browser Safari is what use
What is Microsoft Internet Explorer?
It's a web browser that was developed by Microsoft and came with the Windows IOS, which I belieive has been discontinued but still maintained.
What is the process of copying a web file from the internet to a desktop called?
The answer to this is downloading. There are various things that can be downloaded from the internet. Some of these downloaded media files are pictures and videos. Some would download text for their research. Just remember that not all of the things
What is the purpose of a firewall?
A firewall is a type of network security system. This means that it will prevent outside sources from getting information from your very own computer or device. Your computer or other devices may hold information that is vital to your identity. It ma
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