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Do you think you know all there is to know about the company Intel? Do you consider yourself tech-savvy and love this brand of microprocessors, motherboard chipsets, integrated circuits and other chip products? If you’re a fan of Intel, have an Intel processor, or are just interested in the world of technology then take our Intel quizzes to find out more.

Delve into the multinational world of Intel and its founders,Gordon Moore and Robert Noyce. Get your tech knowledge at the ready and answer trivia questions such as, “How many employees does Intel have around the world?”, “When was Intel founded?” and, “Where in the world is Intel headquartered?” Become a technological brand expert with this tantalizing trivia knowledge. Good luck!
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    What does Intel stand for?

Unit 1 Intro to Computers

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    What parts of a computer are used to input data?

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    What is the maximum weight of an Ultrabook?

Intel Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Pentium and Celeron?
Pentium and Celeron are two examples of processors from Intel. While both are created to offer effective performance based on their respective budget-friendly prices, there are some differences between them. Intel Pentium is a higher version of x86 m
What is the difference between AMD and Intel?
AMD and Intel are both processors that you can find in different personal computers. AMD is known to be a more affordable option. A lot of the computers that are made with AMD are more budget-friendly. Yet, some people are saying that Intel can alway