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  • The first ancient higher-learning institution was...

  • Who founded the Peripatetic school?

  • The Library in Alexander was a citadel of knowledge in which period?

  • Which CTS Form do you use to either create a geo or add standard products.  
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  • Which CTS Form provides you the Key Bank Product of a particular product that you will need to update a custom non-standard product? 
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  • Please take a look at this case:Case #: 12294781Subject: Initial CoverageDescription: Please initiate coverage for Newport Federal Bank (KI 1001012)Account Name: Citizens National BankAccount KeyInstn: 1012819We will initial coverage for Newport Federal Bank AND Citizens National Bank
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  • When you telnet to the POP port on the target computer, which port you could be connecting to?

  • For a website, what is the best way to protect their visitors from key loggers?

  • If you have physical access to a Windows system which has a login password, then what is the fastest & most efficient way to steal data from the local hard drive?

  • Who is currently the president of India?

  • Which of the following is NOT a Michael Scott (the boss from the American tv show The Office) quote?

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