Ice Princess Quizzes & Trivia

What is the connection between physics and ice skating? If you’re a fan of the Ice Princess, you know the movie centers around these two unlikely disciplines. Michelle Trachtenberg who plays Casey Carlyle, Joan Cusack who is Casey’s mother, Joan, and Kim Cattrall who plays Tina Harwood are the focus of this movie.  Casey discovers through her university project that she can use her knowledge of physics to improve skating. She excels at it and is torn between pursuing her academic career and performing.
Her decision to abandon her Harvard scholarship and her physics project to pursue ice skating doesn’t go down well with both Joan and Tina. Are you a fan of Ice Princess? Do you know that Trachtenberg trained for eight months to skate? Do you now that the movie was shot at the George Bell Arena, Christie Mansion, De La Salle College and Western Technical Commercial School in Toronto? Try these quizzes and see if you can skate yourself to top marks.

Ice Princess (2005)? Let’s take this quiz and find out how much you really know

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  • Sample Question
    What hobby does Casey take up in "Ice Princess"?