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Ias Exam Questions and Answers

  • What is IAS 1?
    Ias exam question from

  • What is IAS 2?
    Ias exam question from

  • What is IAS 4?
    Ias exam question from

  • A vacancy created in office of "Lok Ayukta" should be filled within a time period of-?
    Ias exam question from

  • How much time Union Government gave to State Governments to implement RTI Act-2005-?
    Ias exam question from

  • Information Commissioners at State Level are treated equivalent to-?
    Ias exam question from

  • Recently Rajya Sabha members initiated impeachment of Karnataka High Court Chief Justice P D Dinakaran. Support of at least How many members is required for initiating impeachment process in India-?
    Ias exam question from

  • Ace Indian shuttler Saina Nehwal took part into the season-ending World Super Series Final organized at-?
    Ias exam question from

  • Recently Microsoft released a new OS. What is the name of the new operating system-?
    Ias exam question from

  • Which among the following is not correct about C. R. Formula given by C Rajgopalachari?
    Ias exam question from

  • Who among the following founded "National Herald"?
    Ias exam question from

  • Which of the following revolutionaries has written Bandi Jeevan?
    Ias exam question from

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