I Think I Love My Wife Quizzes & Trivia

Are you a fan of I Love My Wife? You know that romantic comedy starring Chris Rock, Kerry Washington and Gina Torres, right? Yeah that one about the guy who is in an uncomfortable relationship with his wife, and dreams of being with other women. Then in comes his seriously sexy and single old friend who is temptation in lace and heels and suddenly, he finds his desire, will and morals tested.

There is comedy galore in this movie as well as some beautiful bodies on screen.  Do you know that Rock co-wrote the film with Louis C.K and he also directed it? What year I Love My Wife released? Do you know that Charles Stone III was originally supposed to direct but he dropped out? If you found these questions easy, then take these quizzes and see if your will is stronger than Rock’s?

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    What state provides the setting for the 2007 movie "I Think I Love My Wife"?