I Just Cant Wait To Be King Quizzes & Trivia

When we're young, we want everything, and we want it right now. It's the same for little lion cubs as well, as Simba shows when he sings I Just Can't Wait To Be King. It's a pivotal song in Disney's smash hit movie The Lion King, and you'll find yourself singing it in your head years after you first heard it. If you just can't wait to prove how much you know about this song, then play our I Just Can't Wait To Be King quizzes today.

Which two characters sing I Just Can't Wait To Be King along with Simba? In which year was The Lion King released in movie theaters? Which two famous artists are responsible for the song? It's time to see if you can become king of the quizzes.

"I Just Can't Wait to Be King" is a song from Disney's 1994 animated film, "The Lion King." The song is performed by Simba the young lion and with music by Elton John and lyrics written by Tim Rice,...

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  • Sample Question
    “I’m gonna be a _________ king.”


I Just Cant Wait To Be King Questions and Answers