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  • A dash is?
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  • A hyphen is used to join two words together and sepererate the syllables of a single word.
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  • Fill in the blank using a dash or hyphen.She was a multi__media artist.
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  • Sixty one of sixty five people passed the math test.

  • The blue green color is the one I want my bedroom painted.

  • Does your father in law work downtown?

  • Visit our _______ shop today for the best prices on all your _______ wear.
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  • We are active members of the Philadelphia Chamber of _______ serving on the Mover's Conference Committee. 
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  • If your dog’s breed requires frequent grooming, give us a call today. We’re available ____________.
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  • I just realized that I have twenty seven cousins on my mom’s side.

  • Three fourths of them live in Wisconsin.

  • The catch all drawer in our kitchen really needs to be cleaned.