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    A dash is?

Add hyphens where necessary in the following sentences.

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    Sixty one of sixty five people passed the math test.

Multiple Choice: Complete the following sentences by selecting the correct options below.True or False: Do the following sentences contain proper hyphenation? If not, please include the correct hyphenation. Editing: Please...

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    Visit our _______ shop today for the best prices on all your _______ wear.

Add hyphens where necessary in the following sentences.

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    I just realized that I have twenty seven cousins on my mom’s side.

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    A dash is...?

Hyphen Questions & Answers

Which one of these sentences is grammatically correct?
Our much-loved professor was sixty-five years old.The correct answer is the third one. Much-loved modifies professor so it should be hyphenated and sixty-five is an number between 21 and 99 needs to be hyphenated as well.
Which of the following do you ALWAYS hyphenate?
1. Compound numbers (written-out numbers 1 to 99)2. Using the suffix -electCompound numbers such as twenty-six are always hyphenated. The author is not well known, is an example where well-known is not hyphenated. The suffix elect is always hyphena
Which of the following dash is used correctly?
Billy saw someone outside his window— or atleast he thought he did.