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Anyone can become a hunter, but not anyone can be a good hunter. Do you have what it takes to be a good hunter? We are in the hunt for people who would like to try our quizzes. Aside from hunting for food, it is done for gaming purposes as well.

Did you know that fox hunting is a sport in the England? If you watch Futurama then you probably saw Bender protesting against robot fox hunting.

Just some weird random trivia for you... What is the most effective way to hunt? What animal is often used to assist in hunting? How do hunters present their hunting trophies? If you can answer those questions then you might have a chance in becoming a good hunter. Quick! Before the hunter becomes the hunted!

The hunter-gatherers of the Stone Age did not plant their own crops but lived off the plants which grew around them, taking fungi, leaves and flowers, and nuts and berries. Some are good to eat, but some are poisonous. To survive...

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    Choose from the fungi...Will you pick this?Common Inkcap

Has it been a while since you took the hunters safety course? Here are a few questions taken from the Pennsylvania Game Commission website to test your memory.

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    You’re driving home after a long day of hunting without seeing any deer. Suddenly, you spot a buck in a field. How many yards off the road must you be before loading your gun and taking a shot?

This quiz will test the knowledge of the learners basic knowledge of hunter safety

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    Always be aware of your 

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    What does the word wisdom mean in the sentence? In his village Chirobo is a respected man of great wisdom.

Chpt. 12 - Lord of the Flies 

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     How does Ralph learn of Jack’s plan for him?  

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Hunter Questions & Answers

What is the difference between Hunter and Jumper Horse?
The differences between hunter and jumper horse are not that easy to identify or else you are familiar with the phase of the game and the anatomy of the horse. A major difference between the hunter horse and jumper horse is in the rule of the game. T
How do you load and unload a firearm safely?
If you would like to load and unload the fire safety, you should put the safety on first. Just to be sure, place the nuzzle towards a safe direction which means that there is no one there that will get hurt if in case an accident occurs while you are
What are the differences between a Homo Erectus and a Homo Sapien?
The Homo Sapien had a larger brain and was more intelligent The Homo Sapiens tools were much more complex
How did the hunting and gathering change to farming?
Hunting and gathering changed abruptly because of the lack of food and the ice age