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Yes, we agree that all the body organs are in one way or the other important but we would be ignorant if we assumed the human brain as a special organ. We analyze it more below.

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    Which functions are the brain stem responsible for?


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    Corpus callosum

This quiz is about how the brain works and their major functions.

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    How many main parts does the human brain have?

Really hard. really fun.

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    What does the spinal cord do?

Questions: 10  |  Attempts: 35   |  Last updated: Nov 7, 2012
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    * Match the major part of your brain that allows you to do the following: Control you body's temperature.

Human Brain Questions & Answers

What role does brain play in reflex action?
Reflex actions can be defined as involuntary responses which doesn't require any form of thinking. They are actions you take without the help of your brain. For example when you touch a very hot object unknowingly you immediately remove your hand, yo
What foods are good for brain?
The importance of food for all living things most especially man cannot be underestimated. Food is necessary for development and growth. Looking at the overwhelming functions that brain does, it needs to taking care of properly by what we eat. Here w
What are the three main parts of brain?
Human brain is one of the most important parts of human body, aside the fact that it controls most biological operations in the body, its overwhelming functions can be looked down upon. The brain together with the spinal cord constitute the Central N
Is there any difference between male brain and female brain?
There has been so many scientific debate and divided report about the possibility of some differences in the nature of the male and female brain. While some believe there is no much difference between male and female brain, others believe there are a