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Vikings and dragons. Is there a better combination? Not according to the lighthearted movie How to Train Your Dragon. In this cartoon, a young Viking, Hiccup, befriends one of the unruly dragons his people typically fight. As they get to know each other, they must also teach the other Vikings and dragons that fighting each other is not the answer.
This is truly the story of overcoming adversity. Are you ready to overcome some adversity by flexing your brain muscles about this film? Why is Hiccup not allowed to accompany his father to the fight? How does Hiccup first meet Toothless? How do they teach the Vikings about dragons? Fight your way through this and more with these quizzes on How to Train Your Dragon.

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    You see a really cool dragon and it's trainer...

This is a quiz designed for the HTTYD fansite It's just a trivia quiz about How To Train Your Dragon.If you're a TDC member you can just put your username in the Name input box.

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    Who's the main character?

How to train your dragon. The QUIZ.

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    Hiccup named his _________ Toothless.

Are you smart like Hiccup, brave like Astrid? Caring like Fishlegs, strong like Snotlout. Or are you as crazy as Ruffnut and Tuffnut. Then take this quiz. Enjoy!

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    What is your weapon of choice?

Hiccup is a teenager in a place where almost everyone is a warrior he is a misfit despite being the son of a chief. When he befriends Toothless he plots a new course for Berk. Which character from the movies do you think best...

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    What kind of dragon would you have?

How To Train Your Dragon Questions & Answers

Whats the minimum shot count a Night Fury could have?
It is 6 minimum shots becuase on one of the episodes the eel one hiccup said 6 minimum shot counts so learn about it or watch the show
Who is Rockstar?
I don't get it. that seems like more a matter of opinion than anything.
What is the minimum shot count a Night Fury could have?
No, that is not true, in how to train your dragon: defenders of berk, season 2 episode 16 , hiccup said "6 shot limit". therefore, the answer to this question is 6.
What is the age of the main character?
He is an Adult as he is 20 in the second movie