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It might be named Hollow Movie, but this one is not at all hollow. In fact, despite what some might have been tempted to believe at the beginning, Hollow Movie in fact has one of the best written scripts that have been seen in recent years.

The film is being distributed by Tribeca Film via what? The film tells the story of an "old monastery in a small, remote village in Suffolk, England that has been haunted for centuries by what? Left in ruin and shrouded by the mystery of a dark spirit that wills young couples to suicide, the place has been avoided for years, marked only by a twisted, ancient tree with an ominous hollow said to be the home of what? What was the name of the character played by Emily Plumtree? Get all the answers right to move ahead.

Take it mfer or ill kill u

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    Wut do u look for?

Do You Really Know me? ;u;

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    What's Hollow's Real Name?

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