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  • It is also called as the Georgian Phase.

  • The 3rd Architecture phase in the US.

  • It is the selection of elements from diverse styles for architectural. decorative designs, different historical styles combined.

  • The economic shift from Upper South to Lower South Was largely the result of a hardier and coarser strain of cotton Corresponded to a similar shift in the slave population Was based on profitable, concentrated agricultural centers along inland waterways
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  • According to Brinkly, which of the following does not answer the question Why did the south remain so different from the North?
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  • The Cavalier image protected by so many in the South was... More refined Based on leisure and chivalry Not based on reality Grounded in the Church of England
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  • If you find Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions on the Vesting Deed, do not show, its covered in the CCRs.
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  • Should you pull and check all the CCRs if you are using a C-Base to see if it affects the PIQ?
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  • What do you do if a CCR document is too old to view?
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