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HLAB Questions and Answers

  • In order to obtain adequate test results, the most important decision in the histopathology lab is...

  • What are the purposes of fixation?  (hint: you must choose ALL correct answers to get the question right)

  • True or False? The main cause for autolysis is delayed fixation.

  • Out of these five criteria, which one is NOT part of the NAACLS criteria for entry-level histotechnician competencies?

  • What is included in the NAACLSs criteria for a competent entry-level histototech? Identify ALL answer choices that are correct.

  • As a professional histotech, following ethical behavior is required by NAACLS.  What is the general term for ethics in the work place?

  • In the healthcare setting, there are many services.  What term does NOT pertain to Ambulatory services?

  • Which answer choice correctly lists examples of Inpatient/Tertiary/Nonambulatory services?

  • Which abbreviation is correctly matched with its full name?