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This is the oldest legal services bureau of its kind in the United States and is also a testament to the value of the people who have been at Harvard throughout its history. Although not many have heard about this outside the university, the legal aid bureau itself is a treasure and one that should have its own trivia. We even brought some sample questions here. Take a quick look at some of them.
The Harvard Legal Aid Bureau ("HLAB") is the oldest student-run legal services office in the United States, founded in what year? The Bureau's mission is to provide an important community service while giving student attorneys the opportunity to develop professional skills as part of what? Unlike most clinical programs at Harvard, the Bureau implies a commitment which is how long? More of such questions are on their way. Can you deal with them?

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  • In order to obtain adequate test results, the most important decision in the histopathology lab is...

  • What are the purposes of fixation?  (hint: you must choose ALL correct answers to get the question right)

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  • Which answer choice correctly lists examples of Inpatient/Tertiary/Nonambulatory services?

  • Which abbreviation is correctly matched with its full name?