Hitch Quizzes & Trivia

Will Smith and Eva Mendes sounds like a screen couple made in heaven, especially, in Hitch. The on screen chemistry is hot enough to melt the thermometer. There is plenty of eye candy on show in the romantic comedy Hitch. Who wouldn’t salivate at the prospect of such visual delights on screen? The plot revolves around Will Smith playing the Love Doctor. He coaches men about how to capture the women of their dreams and he seems pretty adept at it.
That is, until he meets Sara (Eva Mendes) playing the role of a newspaper columnist. However, his game doesn’t work on the columnist who nabs his heart. Are you a fan of Hitch? Do you know that Smith suggested Kenin James to play Albert because he was a fan of James’ hit series The King of Queens? Do you know that Mendes was featured in Smith’s video – “Miami”? Now, try these quizzes and see if you really have game.

This is a Hitch (2005) Quiz. For those who breath, eat and drink Movies

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  • Sample Question
    What film's tagline is "The cure for the common man"?