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The computer we know today dates back to the 19th century when English Mathematics professor Charles Babbage gave us the basic model of the machine. If you want to test your knowledge about the three generations of computers and how computers evolved, check out our online history of computer quizzes and get started.
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Just how much do you know about the history of computers? Computers have come a long way from being too big and filling up a room to being so small to fit o the palm. Do you know that the first generation of computers used vacuum...

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    This person created a machine called The Analytical Engine.  His ideas were some of the first that led to the creation of computers. 

A trivia quiz on generations of computers! Computers have come to a long ways from being too big to fill up a room to be so small as to fit in one's pockets. To this day, there have been five generations of computers, and...

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    What did first-generation computers use for circuitry?

The first-ever computer was called the Electronic Numerical Integrator and Computer. Did you know that the first computer systems used vacuum tubes for circuitry and magnetic drums for memory and the computers were so large they...

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    First freely programmable computer?

In the world, today computers are made so small that people can carry them around, but the earliest computer was so big that it could fill up a whole room and needed more than one person to work on it. These trivia knowledge test...

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    Who is the father of the computer?

Below is a short trivia quiz on the history of computers! At first, computers were created to help with complex calculations, but their use has evolved to making a lot of work easier in the world today. Did you know that the...

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    Who is the father of modern computers?


History Of Computer Questions & Answers

Who of the following people created the Analytical Engine that steered the invention of computers?
The correct answer to this question is Charles Babbage. Born in 1791, Charles Babbage had many fields of expertise, including being a mathematician, philosopher, inventor, and engineer. He created the analytical engine, which is the first design used
What is the name of the man who started Microsoft back in the year 1975?
Bill Gates is the name of the man that created Microsoft. He is the first person on the left. He’s been considered the richest person in the world for three years in a row (2014 to 2017). Other years, he’s been lower on the Forbes list of
Which invention replaced vacuum tubes and made computers much smaller and faster? However, it was eventually replaced by another invention.  
Transistor is the invention that replaced vacuum tube in a computer and made computer much smaller and faster. A transistor is often time made of silicon or some other semiconductor material. It serves as a device that magnifies its electrical input;
What were some disadvantages of first generation computers? You may choose more than one answer.
They were enormous. They were expensive. They used a great deal of electricity. They generated a lot of heat. They often malfunction.
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