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Hemanta Kumar was a famous film producer, singer, and composer based out of India. He was perhaps well known because he would sing under a false name in many Hindi films. Do you know this stage name? It is Hemanta Kumar.

His career really took off during the middle of the 1950’s when he became the foremost singer and composer in Bengal and Mumbai. He began to compose music for many of the top films throughout Mumbai and received many awards for his role as music director. He cultivated a long time relationship between a Bengali actor who served as his singing partner for many years. If you are one of his biggest fans and know all there is to know, prove it by taking one of our quizzes. 
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  • Sample Question
    The song 'Hai Apna Dil To Awara' sung by Hemant Kumar in the film 'Solva Saal' is very popular. Which musician, who later became a very famous music composer, played the mouth organ in the song?